Layla Subhani

I come from a tradition steeped in Jungian/Depth psychology, as well as hold experience working in crisis management, somatic (body-based therapies), trauma-focused approaches, and child/adolescent therapy. I have professional and personal experience working with severe mental health crises and aiding families and their friends in supporting loved ones experiencing such symptoms.  Although I work with a diverse clientele, I specialize in working with children, adolescents, transitional aged youth (18-25), couples counseling (specialty in polyamorous relationships), and women’s issues/women’s empowerment.  




Rumi writes, “the wound is the place where the light enters you”. I believe that in my work, it is this light that together we will learn to cultivate. Our work is not to erase the wound, but rather to identify with the light emanating from it. 


I utilize the mind-body-soul connection in all aspects of my healing approach, and will help guide you as you step into your own healing; believe it or not you have all the tools within you already! It is never my place to judge you. I will respect you for the individual you are in this moment; there is no category or label that defines you. Let’s work together to create a life for you filled with light and self-love! 



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About ME

My approach to therapy is a client-centered and somatic approach the goal of which is to foster a greater sense of mindfulness around your current situation. Together we will work to move through the chaos of life to make space for you, as well as your own growth and healing.